4 Times To Take Care Of Mold On Your Own

16 October 2019
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No one wants mold to grow in their home. However, mold spores are everywhere in the air, and when the conditions are right, mold can take hold in your home. After your home experiences water damage of any kind, from a leaking pipe to flood waters, mold is a common side effect.  If you find mold in your own home, there are a few situations where it is safe to clean it up on your own; otherwise, you should call in a professional to assist with the mold removal process. Read More 

3 Reasons To Have Professional Water Damage Restoration Done On Your Rental Property

23 August 2019
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If you have a rental property that has been damaged by water in some way, then you might be wondering what you should do next. A plumbing problem might have occurred and caused water damage, or a natural disaster might have affected the area and caused flooding. If there is any type of water damage in your rental property, then you should call a professional water damage restoration service. If you usually do your own property improvements and cleanups to your rental property, then you may be thinking about handling the cleanup yourself. Read More 

Had A Flood In Your Home? Have Your Home Inspected And Tested For Mold

2 May 2019
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If you have had a flood in your home, it creates the perfect breeding ground for mold. This is because mold only requires a little moisture to survive. Because of this, your home should be thoroughly inspected for mold, as it could be lurking in places that you cannot see. To do this, you should hire a mold inspection company to ensure all mold is found. Once mold is found, however, you should also have it tested to ensure the mold was not dangerous for you, such as black mold. Read More 

Why You Should Call In A Restoration Company To Dry Out A Water Leak

16 February 2019
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While you may associate the need for professional water damage restoration with homes that have been flooded after heavy rains, it's actually common for homes to need restoration after plumbing mishaps. Things like working on the plumbing under the sink and having water flood out of a pipe can cause damage to the sink cabinet, wall, and flooring if the area isn't dried out fast. Here's a look at why you should call in professionals when there's been a water leak in your home, even if it wasn't a huge one. Read More 

Common Problems With Vintage Drink Machines

2 December 2018
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Whether you have a decked-out man cave, a fascination with soda industry memorabilia, or have just always wanted to own one, a vintage drink machine is just a cool thing to have in your house. These old refrigerator-like drink dispensers give you a certain element of vintage appeal to keep around, and the cold drinks with the drop of a coin are always an added bonus. The only problem is, these old coolers can have their fair share of problems, most of which are a simple fix. Read More