Had A Flood In Your Home? Have Your Home Inspected And Tested For Mold

2 May 2019
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If you have had a flood in your home, it creates the perfect breeding ground for mold. This is because mold only requires a little moisture to survive. Because of this, your home should be thoroughly inspected for mold, as it could be lurking in places that you cannot see. To do this, you should hire a mold inspection company to ensure all mold is found. Once mold is found, however, you should also have it tested to ensure the mold was not dangerous for you, such as black mold.  Below is information on how this mold inspection and testing work.

Mold Inspection

The mold inspection company will wear protection, such as face masks, if they think you have a very bad mold infestation. The contractor will carry a flashlight and tools that they may need to access certain areas of your home.

The contractor will start looking in the usual places, such as in a basement on the flooring, walls, and ceiling. The contractor will look around windows and windows seals, around sump pumps you may have, as well as vents and ductwork.

The contractor continues throughout your home, making notes of where the mold is found as they go. If they do determine mold is on a wall, be prepared as the inspection company may have to rip out the wall to determine if there is mold growing behind it.

Once the inspection is completed, the contractor will tell you how to remove mold if they only find a little. If there is a lot, however, you should ask the mold inspection company to remove the mold for you.

Mold Testing

If there is mold in your home, you can have it tested to see what kind of mold spores you have. In order to do this, hire a mold testing company. They will take air samples. They do this by using a type of spore trap. This works by the spores getting stuck to the sticky substance in the trap. This type of trap works very well to remove mold spores that are found in the air.

The mold testing company will also do surface samples. They can do this in different ways. For example, if there is a lot of mold, they will physically remove the item that has mold on it.  

Swabbing samples for mold is also used. This is using a cotton swab to wipe over a molded area.

Another testing method is using clear tape. The tape is pressed onto the molded surface, and then the tape is carefully removed. The mold spores are attached to the tape.

Once the company has the samples of mold they want, they send it to a mold testing laboratory to have the mold analyzed. The laboratory will then provide you with a report of their findings so that you can take proper steps to get the mold removed.

Talk with the mold inspection and mold testing company to learn much more information about this.