Why You Should Call In A Restoration Company To Dry Out A Water Leak

16 February 2019
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While you may associate the need for professional water damage restoration with homes that have been flooded after heavy rains, it's actually common for homes to need restoration after plumbing mishaps. Things like working on the plumbing under the sink and having water flood out of a pipe can cause damage to the sink cabinet, wall, and flooring if the area isn't dried out fast. Here's a look at why you should call in professionals when there's been a water leak in your home, even if it wasn't a huge one.

Commercial Equipment Dries Water Fast

Fortunately, kitchen flooring can often tolerate water if it doesn't seep under the tiles or planks. However, when water floods the inside of a cabinet, the problem is with the wood cabinet itself, the wall behind it, and possibly the floor underneath it. Mopping up the water doesn't get rid of dampness that has seeped into the wood or wall. A water restoration company can set up commercial dryers that blow air under the sink and in the kitchen until the water is dried up. Dehumidifiers may be used also, so moisture is pulled out of the air.

Failing to get rid of all the moisture could lead to mold growth and rotting under the sink. When this happens, your kitchen can develop a bad odor and attract bugs due to dampness. Also, when water floods out of a pipe beneath the sink, water can get behind the wall and be difficult to remove without water extraction equipment.

Some Building Materials May Need To Be Replaced

Depending on how much water flooded out of the pipe, there might be enough water damage that some building materials need to be cut out and replaced. Some materials are porous and soak up the water so well that it's better to replace them rather than wait for them to dry out. Drywall is one thing that's often replaced since it soaks up water and is damaged easily. A professional can assess your situation and determine if drying out your home is enough or if the base cabinet and wall behind it need to be replaced.

If you bring in professional help right away, the work could be quick and easy. If you delay, and you can't get the water dried out fast enough, then the restoration project could include mold removal and more extensive repairs from damage caused by water that was hidden under flooring or behind the wall. Also, water from a plumbing pipe is clean water so initially there is no risk from contamination, but the longer the water lingers before it's dried out, the greater the risk of it turning stagnant and becoming contaminated, which could affect the restoration process.

So, when there's a water leak in your home, it's always a good idea to have it inspected and dried out by a water damage repair professional so you're sure there is no ongoing damage you don't know about.