Common Problems With Vintage Drink Machines

2 December 2018
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Whether you have a decked-out man cave, a fascination with soda industry memorabilia, or have just always wanted to own one, a vintage drink machine is just a cool thing to have in your house. These old refrigerator-like drink dispensers give you a certain element of vintage appeal to keep around, and the cold drinks with the drop of a coin are always an added bonus. The only problem is, these old coolers can have their fair share of problems, most of which are a simple fix. Plus, an appliance maintenance service can usually help you with what you need. Take a look at some of the common problems with vintage drink machines. 

The cooling system stops working. 

One of the worst issues that can come up with a vintage drink machine is if it no longer keeps the drinks inside cold. If you reach for a bottle of soda and it is lukewarm, it means the cooling system is no longer functioning. In most cases, this kind of problem will be relative to a complete failure of the cooling motor, which means it will need a new motor. Sometimes, these old units will also operate with coolant and the coolant will leak out. 

There is cold air leaking around the door. 

The rubber seals around the door that opens when you drop in a coin is probably one of the things on an old drink cooler that is more vulnerable to damage than anything. This seal is usually a magnetic strip that is encapsulated in plastic, and the plastic is prone to breakage and damage through many years of opening and closing the door. Much like the seal around a refrigerator door, this seal can be replaced, but it is a tedious task best left to a professional. 

The cooler makes noise when it's running. 

Older refrigeration systems were not designed in the same fashion as the more modern ones are. A lot of these machines were built with the basic necessities inside to keep the drinks cold with little regard to how much noise the unit made during the operation. Therefore, a little noise with a vintage drink machine is to be expected. However, if your unit starts making a lot more racket than usual, it is usually a sign that the fan inside is either warped or broken. These are components that can easily be replaced and an appliance technician can help you get the parts you need.