Tired Of Your Bathtub? 4 Issues Refinishing Can Resolve

9 October 2018
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If your bathtub has seen better days, but you can't afford a new one, it's time to refinish it. Refinishing will breathe new life into your old bathtub. In fact, when the project is done, your tub will look brand-new. If you're not sure that bathtub refinishing is right for you, take a look at the list below. If any of the situations sound familiar, refinishing your bathtub will help.

1. The Finish is Dull and Lifeless

There's nothing worse than cleaning your tub only to have it dry to a dull, lifeless finish. Unfortunately, years of use can take the brilliant shine away. If that's happened, no amount of scrubbing and polishing is going to restore the shine. That's where refinishing comes in handy. Refinishing will restore the shine to your tub.

2. You're Getting Scratched on the Chips

If you're getting scratches on your back, legs and behind whenever you sit in the tub, you need to have it refinished. Once the finish has been removed from the tub, you'll start to notice chips and flakes on the surface. Those chips and flakes are more than just unsightly. They're also uncomfortable. If you're tired of the pain and irritation, talk to a contractor about refinishing your tub today.

3. You're Not Happy With the Color

If you've purchased an older home and it came with an outdated bathtub, have it refinished. This is particularly important if the tub in your home is one of those outdated colors that were so popular during the 60s and 70s – like gold, pink, or olive green. When you have your tub refinished, you'll get to choose the color you want. You can even choose a crisp, clean white for the finished product.

4. Scrubbing Doesn't Get Your Bathtub Clean

If your tub has stains and grime that won't come off, no matter how often you clean your tub, or what cleaning products you use, refinishing will help. As your tub ages, it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep it clean. Unfortunately, that means you're left to live with a perpetually dirty bathtub. Eliminate the dirty appearance by having your tub refinished.

If your tub has seen better days but you can't afford a new one, talk to a contractor like Stanley Avenue Tub Co about refinishing it instead. Refinishing your old tub will restore the beauty and shine and give you many more years of use.