Understanding What Happens During A Suicide Scene Cleanup

5 September 2018
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When a loved one commits suicide, it can be very difficult to deal with the aftermath. In additional to normal mourning and grieving, the friends and family members of a person who has committed suicide are often left with a lot of questions that can't easily be answered. One thing that no one should have to deal with is cleaning up the suicide scene. Not only is the clean-up process more than most people can bear shortly after the death of a loved one, but it also needs to be cleaned to strict standards due to the presence of biohazard material. Read More 

Mistakes To Avoid When Stripping Paint Off Of Your Old Wood Furniture

17 August 2018
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After buying some old painted wood furniture at a secondhand store, you may decide that you would like to strip away the paint and refinish the wood underneath. However, before you start, make sure you avoid the following mistakes when stripping the paint off of the wood. Doing the Job Inside The first mistake you should avoid while stripping paint off of furniture is deciding to do the job inside your home. Read More 

4 Reasons Why Foundation Repair Is An Absolute Must

9 July 2018
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Leaving a cracked or damaged foundation as is and not repairing it is never a good idea. Foundation repair, the minute you spot a problem, is an absolute must. Here are some very valid reasons why you should repair the foundation of your home immediately. 1. The Foundation Supports Your Entire House A foundation exists to support the weight of your entire home. The foundation prevents your home from slowly sinking into the soil around it, and it provides stability for the walls. Read More 

Tips For Dealing With Damaged Wood Caused By Flooding

6 June 2018
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Did you recently have flooding in your basement that damaged some items made out of wood? If so, know that you do not have to throw the item away. There are ways to restore the wood and fix the damage that was caused. These tips will help you do it. Always Be Safe Before jumping into a water damage restoration project, be aware that mold can cause serious health risks if you are around it. Read More 

Tips To Help You Clean Your Home Of An Existing Mold Problem Safely And Efficiently

5 May 2018
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Mold growth on the floors and in the walls of your home can result from flooding or a simple moisture leak, and can cause serious health complications due to its toxic nature. Remedying and cleaning up the mold growth should be a top priority for you as a homeowner, and care should be taken to clean it up safely and efficiently. Here are some tips to help you clean up after a mold problem in your home: Read More