Had A Flood In Your Home? Have Your Home Inspected And Tested For Mold

2 May 2019
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If you have had a flood in your home, it creates the perfect breeding ground for mold. This is because mold only requires a little moisture to survive. Because of this, your home should be thoroughly inspected for mold, as it could be lurking in places that you cannot see. To do this, you should hire a mold inspection company to ensure all mold is found. Once mold is found, however, you should also have it tested to ensure the mold was not dangerous for you, such as black mold. Read More 

Why You Should Call In A Restoration Company To Dry Out A Water Leak

16 February 2019
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While you may associate the need for professional water damage restoration with homes that have been flooded after heavy rains, it's actually common for homes to need restoration after plumbing mishaps. Things like working on the plumbing under the sink and having water flood out of a pipe can cause damage to the sink cabinet, wall, and flooring if the area isn't dried out fast. Here's a look at why you should call in professionals when there's been a water leak in your home, even if it wasn't a huge one. Read More 

Common Problems With Vintage Drink Machines

2 December 2018
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Whether you have a decked-out man cave, a fascination with soda industry memorabilia, or have just always wanted to own one, a vintage drink machine is just a cool thing to have in your house. These old refrigerator-like drink dispensers give you a certain element of vintage appeal to keep around, and the cold drinks with the drop of a coin are always an added bonus. The only problem is, these old coolers can have their fair share of problems, most of which are a simple fix. Read More 

Tired Of Your Bathtub? 4 Issues Refinishing Can Resolve

9 October 2018
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If your bathtub has seen better days, but you can't afford a new one, it's time to refinish it. Refinishing will breathe new life into your old bathtub. In fact, when the project is done, your tub will look brand-new. If you're not sure that bathtub refinishing is right for you, take a look at the list below. If any of the situations sound familiar, refinishing your bathtub will help. Read More 

Understanding What Happens During A Suicide Scene Cleanup

5 September 2018
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When a loved one commits suicide, it can be very difficult to deal with the aftermath. In additional to normal mourning and grieving, the friends and family members of a person who has committed suicide are often left with a lot of questions that can't easily be answered. One thing that no one should have to deal with is cleaning up the suicide scene. Not only is the clean-up process more than most people can bear shortly after the death of a loved one, but it also needs to be cleaned to strict standards due to the presence of biohazard material. Read More